Hi there! Thanks for visiting my web site.

I’m Bill Wittur.

I’m an author, a musician-in-training and husband and father.

I’m the guy that politicians and sociologists speak about when they say that you’ll probably change careers at least three or four times in your life. I think I’m up to career number eight. I’ve been on the front page of the Globe and Mail’s business section (when Drinky.ca launched), I’ve swam the length of Lake Okanagan to raise funds for water-related charities and, like the lead protagonist in my story, I’ve returned to school to study music. Through all of this, I’ve been a dedicated writer, but it wasn’t until the pandemic happened that I finally pushed myself to complete my first work.

As far as credentials go, I published a collection of lyrics related to an album that I’m currently recording as part of my program. The collection is called ‘Bliss’ and leverages the steps of Joseph Campbell’s monomyth or ‘Hero’s Journey’. It is currently available on Amazon. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a failed entrepreneur only because it’s out of these various attempts to run a business that I’ve acquired unique perspectives on world events that make my writing more visceral and realistic. I’ve been a blogger for years (BillWittur.com, Bottree.com) and I’m in the process of editing a personal memoir by a relative called ‘Sunshine and Storm’, a woman’s experience as an educator at Ginling Institute during the Japanese invasion of Nanking, China.