Books I'll Never Write

How To Use Malls When Stores Fade Away

Some ideas about how we can make better use of space when mega-malls fall out of fashion.

A Week of Predictions

Mary Meeker’s ‘Internet Trends’ is a must read for those who want to compare predictions.

Innostructure, Part II (Preamble for 2017 Federal Budget)

In this second chapter about ‘Innostructure’, I look at the basic kernel of creating an entrepreneurial class: educating people about different kinds of business structures. Feedback and comments welcome!

Innostructure = Infrastructure for Innovation, Part I

Life as an entrepreneur opens up opportunities to share feedback on your experience. I consolidate my thoughts into a schematic of sorts called ‘Innostructure’.

Wine Reviews Will Have To Get Less ‘Meaty’

Most wine reviews focus on food matching with a meat-based diet. However, as tastes change, is the wine world ready for descriptions that will satisfy vegetarians (or even casual ‘reducers’ of meat)?