Random Thoughts

Innostructure, Part III: Funding

Last week’s budget was pretty exciting for entrepreneurs, schools, innovators and others across the country. This article presents the idea that funding should begin at home, with entrepreneurs being able to fund their startups using withdrawals from RRSPs.

An Innovative Use of Internet History

All personal browsing history is up for grabs. One activist has decided that it might as well start with the history of the legislators that passed this law.

Innostructure, Part II (Preamble for 2017 Federal Budget)

In this second chapter about ‘Innostructure’, I look at the basic kernel of creating an entrepreneurial class: educating people about different kinds of business structures. Feedback and comments welcome!

Innostructure = Infrastructure for Innovation, Part I

Life as an entrepreneur opens up opportunities to share feedback on your experience. I consolidate my thoughts into a schematic of sorts called ‘Innostructure’.


Elon Musk joins the rank of creators and inventors that I admire. Here’s a short description of why.