Things Are Good

How To Use Malls When Stores Fade Away

Some ideas about how we can make better use of space when mega-malls fall out of fashion.

My Prediction For Amazon’s HQ2

My prediction about who will win the bid for Amazon’s ‘HQ2’.

Innostructure, Part III: Funding

Last week’s budget was pretty exciting for entrepreneurs, schools, innovators and others across the country. This article presents the idea that funding should begin at home, with entrepreneurs being able to fund their startups using withdrawals from RRSPs.

Innostructure = Infrastructure for Innovation, Part I

Life as an entrepreneur opens up opportunities to share feedback on your experience. I consolidate my thoughts into a schematic of sorts called ‘Innostructure’.


Elon Musk joins the rank of creators and inventors that I admire. Here’s a short description of why.