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I’ve been struggling with ways to either re-enter the workforce or re-educate myself. Or both.

During the early 2000s, I was ahead of my time with digital marketing, planning and negotiating ad placements online, but now I’m basically a ‘digital dinosaur’. For a while, no one had my skill set and then within a few years, it felt like everyone did.

I pivoted my career in a different direction. I tried working with the Ontario alcohol trade, but came away with nothing but a saying: ‘don’t try to get between a government monopoly and the handful of suppliers that want to control it’. I’ve occasionally dreamed about opening some kind of ‘local products’ shop, but that’s never going to happen as long as the LCBO is formally part of the government of Ontario.

During Covid months, I’ve kept my head down, but I’ve been quietly searching for some programs that might be of interest and cater to my desire to focus on research, writing and, when I’m feeling social, conversation about topics of interest.

Mythology has always been one of my greatest interests.

Since seeing Joseph Campbell interviewed by Bill Moyers in the 80s and learning the influence he had on the sculpting of the Star Wars universe, I’ve always had books about mythology and legends close to my nightstand. I’m well aware of how they permeate our daily routine.

Are you?

I’ve been searching recently for graduate programs and certificates that might be suitable for my range of interest in the subject and I recently completed the certificate program in Applied Mythology from Pacifica as part of this quest. What a WONDERFUL opportunity to meet so many people that not only knew many of the great myths, stories, legends and more from many cultures, but who also shared the enthusiasm for understanding the context in which so many of these stories help today’s world make a little bit more sense.

Humans have been telling stories from the beginning and we assume that with technology, we don’t need them as much as we used to, but over the past couple of months, I was reminded that it’s quite the opposite: we need a ‘guide’ more than ever to help get us through the changes that are unravelling before our very eyes. The Hero’s Journey is ubiquitous.

I’ve had the privilege of working in a number of industries – government, finance, marketing, digital advertising & strategy, retail alcohol – and all of them benefit from a greater story arc that defines them and their purpose.

I enjoyed being reminded of how significant the role of myths are with everyday subjects like the media, climate change, repairing the earth, conspiracy theories, artificial intelligence, comic books, most mainstream shows/movies and more. If the organizers at Pacifica open up their graduate program to online studies, they should expect me to apply!

Until then, I’ll keep searching for something that will bring me back into the workforce or education.

If you’re reading this and have some thoughts, feel free to comment or send me a note.

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