How Stories Warn Us

“An Extinction Level Event” – Leonardo DiCaprio as Dr. Mindy in ‘Don’t Look Up‘ “The movie is, in my view, a powerful demolition of the grotesque failures of public life. And the sector whose failures are most brutally exposed is the MEDIA.” – George Monbiot I Can See Clearly Now … What would you do if you could see the future? In Greek mythology, Cassandra, daughter to Priam and Hecuba …

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Growing Our Way Out Of Greenhouse Gases

NINE years. NINE years – about 3,000 days – is all we have to make serious corrections to our ways of living before we pass a point of no return and bring ruin to this great, beautiful, once-in-a-universe we call planet earth. This should be alarming to everyone. It’s not. We’re not changing our habits fast enough. Like so many people around the world, I personally feel like we’re either …

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Winter Solstice: Where The Light Gets In

The ‘holiday’ period represents a long history of transition from an old year into a new one. In the western world, it traditionally starts with Winter Solstice (although there are many other observations that take place earlier), but opens up a period of time when many cultures celebrate the ‘resurrection of the sun’. As the year winds down, what are your resolutions, assuming you get sucked up into that kind of thinking at this time of year?