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Bill Wittur

Owner, Chief Sipster, Drinky

My name is Bill Wittur. I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, spent a lot of time in Toronto and other cities and I currently live in London, Ontario with my wife Lisa and son Mason.  I'm an entrepreneur and have launched a new business called Drinky.ca and look forward to using it to bring a broader quantity and quality of products to wine, spirits and beer enthusiasts. 

Name:Bill Wittur

Age:Middle aged

Birth Place:Ottawa, Ontario



Job History:

Current:  President & Chief Sipster, Drinky.ca

Drinky.ca is a new, disruptive ecommerce platform scheduled for consumer launch early summer 2016.  The purpose of the site is to introduce Canadians to what they've been missing:  the massive array of 'unlisted' products that agents and suppliers typically only sell to restaurants and large buyers.

We encourage you to try something new, something different.

Current:  Owner, Noteworthy Wines

Noteworthy Wines was launched in 2012.  I wanted to turn my passion and interest in wine into a business.  After a few years experience and learning about how the business works in Ontario, I wanted to expand on this experience while and tapping into my experience as a digital marketing expert.  Drinky.ca was born.

Owner, Bottree Digital Services

After a LONG run in the agency world and with organizations like Loyalty One, I decided to manage my own digital marketing consulting business.  Over the years, I completed contracts for nearly a dozen senior agencies including Starcom, Young & Rubicam, Ogilvy and many others.  The range of clients was broad, challenging but rewarding and I was able to bring many of them up to speed with their digital marketing strategy.

Previous Employment

This is the 'you name it, I feel like I've done it' pile.  Examples include working for the federal government in the mining sector; spending roughly seven years in the financial business in Toronto, peaking out as an institutional equity trader; working for a digital media production company in Toronto; and, of course, spending 15 years as a devoted husband and more than a decade as what I hope is considered a relatively decent father.

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  • Digital Marketing
  • Wine Business / Sommelier
  • Entrepreneur
  • Project Management
Digital Marketing
Wine Business / Sommelier
Project Management
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Address:945 Wellington Street North

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