Tech I'll Never Launch

Facebook Follies

The Facebook inquisition exposes truth. The truth that regulators are deeply in the dark about how today’s technology works is truly frightening.

A Week of Predictions

Mary Meeker’s ‘Internet Trends’ is a must read for those who want to compare predictions.

Innostructure, Part III: Funding

Last week’s budget was pretty exciting for entrepreneurs, schools, innovators and others across the country. This article presents the idea that funding should begin at home, with entrepreneurs being able to fund their startups using withdrawals from RRSPs.


Elon Musk joins the rank of creators and inventors that I admire. Here’s a short description of why.

The Next ‘Pokemon’ Games?

The Pokemon GO! craze is nothing short of revolutionary when it comes to use of technology, fun activity and getting people outside. Here are my suggestions for tech I’ll never build that might be fun ‘evolutions’ of AR.