Kentucky Passes Direct-to-consumer (DTC) Legislation

Bourbon Without Borders: coming to one of seven US states soon!

Innostructure, Part III: Funding

Last week’s budget was pretty exciting for entrepreneurs, schools, innovators and others across the country. This article presents the idea that funding should begin at home, with entrepreneurs being able to fund their startups using withdrawals from RRSPs.

Testing, testing …

Our first test and a couple of pointers about using Drinky.ca to order unique and unlisted alcohol in Canada.

Wine Reviews Will Have To Get Less ‘Meaty’

Most wine reviews focus on food matching with a meat-based diet. However, as tastes change, is the wine world ready for descriptions that will satisfy vegetarians (or even casual ‘reducers’ of meat)?

Blame the Millennials …

What do wine, cereal and Millennials have in common? More than you think …