Testing, testing …

I tested our new order system with Drinky.ca and things worked quite well!

Here are some pictures from today’s ‘test’:





Eh voila!  We now have a couple of bottles of Dixon’s Distilled Spirits Vodka and Gin.

A couple of key notes that I learned from the process:

  • If you’re ordering something from Drinky.ca that has a 2-3 day window for delivery, I recommend you place the order on a Monday or Tuesday.  That way, it should get to you by Friday.
  • Prices are based on the ‘basic’ price of the product:  the wholesale cost plus the government’s legally mandated markup. After that, the PST/HST applicable in your jurisdiction is added and then deposit, shipping and handling (if applicable).  Many suppliers are opting for a modest handling fee of $3-$5 to cover the cost of packaging.
  • Shipping fees include pickup at the supplier’s location and a mandatory ‘Age of Majority’ signing requirement.  The latter helps people stay compliant with social responsibility requirements.

We’ve also just added a new field for suppliers to fill:  ‘Delivery Time’.  The options will be (a) 2-3 days, (b) 2-3 weeks and (c) 2-3 months.  The latter item takes so long because it’s usually a special order imported item that comes direct from the supplier in places like Italy, California and so on.  Of course, it’s a brand new feature, so not all products will be updated yet.

We want the ‘Delivery Time’ feature because we want to help people manage their expectations about when to expect a delivery.

With all this in mind, we’re off to a great start 🙂

If you’re available to do a test or two for Drinky.ca, please let me know.  We’ll find a way to show our appreciation!

Bill Wittur
Chief Sipster

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