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My heroes tend to be tech types and underdogs, especially when they rise above the noise.

Nikola Tesla, the inventor of the 20th century.

Page and Brin.

Pretty much any musician that’s on my playlist (the list is too long to rhyme off).

Now add Elon Musk to the list.

I’ve never met Musk, but I admire almost everything he does from a business perspective.  In the early days of a number of separate, seemingly disparate companies, many questioned his motives.

Now they’re all too clear.

Here’s a recap of just part of his organizational structure:

It’s all coming together, especially in light of today’s news about the SpaceX strategy to implement a new high-speed, worldwide satellite Internet service.

Individuals (using Solar City and his new solar shingles) will be the critical source of most power generation in years to come.  Archaic, expensive and destructive forms of energy creation like coal burning, nuclear generation, and gas guzzling will soon be over as we convert our fleets of road vehicles and endless sprawl to solar and energy-driven cars (hence the Tesla car company) and off-grid suburban ‘bliss’.

SpaceX and the ‘Mission to Mars’ seemed too much like a fairy tale to me, but using an ambitious space program to secure support from different levels of government gave him the ability to pursue a seemingly less ambitious program of implementing a global network of satellites for Internet distribution.

And when he breaks through with Nikola Tesla’s ambitious goal if distributing electricity wirelessly (which can be done), the entire world will become connected, have access to free electricity and he’ll be at the centre of everything.

Genius. Assuming you’re into that kind of thing 🙂

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