RIP Molly Holzschlag

RIP Molly Holzschlag. I went to several Web2000 events in San Francisco during my dot-com startup and E*Trade days in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Molly was an incredible fixture and inspiration for thousands of young programmers and digital marketers. I’m a little slow in posting this, as she died nearly a month ago, but I think everyone in the digital and web world owes her a little thanks.

There is a special remembrance ceremony today (October 5) at 10AM. Details can be found here:

Some notes from the Facebook page:

Molly’s illustrious career in tech and the web started in the early 1990’s as an online systems operator. From that point on until the onset of her debilitating illness, she went on to writing and co-authoring 35 books on web design and open standards, including The Zen of CSS Design, which she co-authored with Dave Shea. In addition to writing, some of her most notable achievements included: speaking at web conferences around the world, being instrumental in The Web Standards Project (WaSP), serving as an invited expert in the CSS, HTML, and GEO groups of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C); and being awarded the 2015 Net Award for Outstanding Contribution to the industry. Through her passionate work, she gained the moniker of “The Fairy Godmother of the Web.”


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