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Wine Reviews Will Have To Get Less ‘Meaty’

Most wine reviews focus on food matching with a meat-based diet. However, as tastes change, is the wine world ready for descriptions that will satisfy vegetarians (or even casual ‘reducers’ of meat)?

The Next ‘Pokemon’ Games?

The Pokemon GO! craze is nothing short of revolutionary when it comes to use of technology, fun activity and getting people outside. Here are my suggestions for tech I’ll never build that might be fun ‘evolutions’ of AR.

Not Sure How The Internet Actually Works?

We enjoy, we share, we chat, we write, we socialize, we click. But I don’t think many of think about how the internet actually works. Check this piece out from Ars Technica. Of particular interest to me is the bit about the ‘last 100 metres’, where they talk about bringing internet to end consumers at a speed of 500-800 MBPS (megabits per second).  That compares just a touch different than …

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